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Summary Numbers

Total number of MS/MS Spectra - 929822
Date Last Libraries Fully Exported - 2024-06-12 19:51:04.596000

GNPS Library List

GNPS Library Library Type Browse at GNPS MGF Download MSP Download JSON Download
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GNPS indicates annotated MS/MS spectra deposited by the community that is freely available.
GNPS_PROPOGATED indicates annotated spectra that is propogated computationally from reference MS/MS spectra.
IMPORT indicates libraries that are imported from other community MS/MS spectra resources.
AGGREGATED indicates aggregations of different sets of collections of libraries.

Preprocessed Data

Preprocessed data is data that has been filtered by our machine learning preperation and the matchms pipelines. Versioned, citable archives of the data are available for download at Zenodo.

Dataset Name Processing Pipeline CSV Download MGF Download JSON Download
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